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The Watchman Archives is a collection of prophetic words from believers around the world.  Each word is carefully tested and presented with Biblical interpretation and application to maximize its benefit to the Body of Christ.  For words from key leaders in the Body of Christ, please see our Watchman Alerts page.

Anyone who has received a revelation that could be used to pray effectively for the major issues of our times is welcome to share it with us using the form on this page.  We use a simple model of revelation, interpretation, and application/activation.  We also ask for the basic information of name, home church, and geographic location so that we may “know those who labor among us.” (1 Thessalonians. 5:12)


We will only post prophetic words that have been carefully tested by our staff.  First name, home church, and region will be posted with each word, but last name and personal e-mail address will remain private.  If your word is not posted, it does not necessarily mean it was not from God, so please continue to pray into it with your own church family.

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