Nicholas Papanicolaou is a co-Founder and Co-Chairman of the World Public Forum “Dialogue of Civilizations.” The WPF brings together each year on the island of Rhodes, Greece some 700 important officials and representatives from more than sixty countries for four days of open and frank deliberations on cross-religious and cross-cultural issues.

Tactics of Marxist Revolution—Then and Now

In the spring of 1964, I was a sophomore in high school in Athens, Greece. My father was a high government official and had raised me to be aware of the dangers from communism and socialism. One day, my brother and I were being driven in my father’s Cadillac on

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A Call to Cleanse and Restore the Election Process

We are all participants and beneficiaries of this wonderful Republic known as the United States of America. Regardless of political affiliation, we all share the deep conviction that our vote must be safeguarded and it must count because it is sacrosanct. The presidential election on November 3, and its aftermath,

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