Rainbow Revival-Freedom March in Dallas Features Testimonies from Ex-LGBTQ Men and Women

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A revival among the LGBTQ community is being seen like the Jesus People movement of the 1960-70s.  On October 18-22 former LGBTQ individuals celebrated their transformations at the Rainbow Revival-Freedom March in Dallas-area churches.  Downtown Dallas is a prophetically significant location where a gospel music festival attended by 150,000 in 1972 led to Time magazine’s cover story of the “Jesus People.”  Dallas writer Lindsay Kiser, who formerly identified as a lesbian, shared her testimony at the event. She writes on the topic of praying powerfully for LGBTQ people and encourages people to intercede for the fulfillment of a 1989 prophetic word that 100,000 LGBTQ members would be saved, delivered, healed, and restored to preach the gospel. Although the rainbow has been adopted by LGBTQ activists as their symbol, its original biblical meaning is God’s promise to never flood the earth again.  Kiser told the overcomers attending the event, “Another flood is coming, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all flesh.”