Hamas Has Recipes For Chemical Weapons Says IDF

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The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) revealed they have recovered a USB flash drive with recipes for cyanide-based chemical weapons from the body of a Hamas terrorist.  Israeli President Isaac Herzog told Sky News, “It’s al Qaeda material. Official al Qaeda material. We are dealing with ISIS, al Qaeda and Hamas.  This is what we are dealing with. And in this material, there were instructions how to produce chemical weapons.  This is how shocking the situation is where we’re looking at the instructions that are given on how to operate and how to create a kind of non-professional chemical weapon with cyanide.”  Although the information on the thumb-drive is from an al Qaeda 2003 manual already known to Israeli intelligence, it is unknown if Hamas has tried to make chemical weapons. An ISIS flag was found in a kibbutz that had been taken over by Hamas on October 7.