Drag Queen ‘Flamy Grant’ Attends Dove Music Awards; Deliverance Pastor Greg Locke Responds

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Drag queen singer Flamy Grant attended the most important annual award show for contemporary Christian music, the Dove Awards, with songwriter Derek Webb. Grant’s song, “Good Day,” which features Webb, went to No. 1 on iTunes’ Christian chart last summer. Flamy Grant, whose real name is Matthew Lovegood, said, “I am interested in representation and taking up space and providing an option for Christians who believe in a God that redeems the whole world, not just the heteronormative parts of it.”  Charismatic deliverance pastor Greg Locke responded with concern that the Gospel Music Association’s (GMA) acceptance of this is far from the biblical worldview that should be represented in Christian Music.  He also voiced concern that while Grant’s website contains demonic spiritual symbols, like tarot cards and a crystal ball, the GMA nonchalantly allowed his attendance at the awards show.