Official Palestinian Authority Document Calls For “Murder Of Jews”

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With news of an imminent ground invasion of Gaza , it has been discovered that the Palestinian Authority published a document calling for Islamic leaders to incite violence and murder on Friday, citing the Islamic verse: “O Abd Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.”  The document also says, “We call upon our Palestinian people… to preserve public property[.] And the personal is a religious and moral national duty… Our Palestinian people, despite the pain and tragedies, cannot raise a white flag until the occupation is removed and the independent Palestinian state is established with Jerusalem as its capital.”  Israel has stated that it does not plan to take long-term control of the Gaza Strip.  The research departments of the Jewish Voice and the Regavim movement revealed the document.  Regavim said, “This document is blatant and further proof that there is no fundamental difference between the goals of Hamas and the goals of the Palestinian Authority… It is also about one thing – the murder of Jews wherever they are and the elimination of Jews from all over the country.”