U.S. Bases In Syria, Iraq Attacked By Drones

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U.S. troops in both Syria and Iraq were attacked by drones on Wednesday according to U.S. defense officials.  In Iraq, two one-way drones headed for al-Asad air base were shot down by American forces. No injuries or damage to troops or the base were reported.  There are approximately 2,500 American troops currently in Iraq. In Syria, an undisclosed number of one-way drones targeted al-Tanf, a U.S. base along Syria’s border with Iraq. All the drones were shot down as well.  Both incidents occurred early Wednesday local time and just hours after the blast at a Gaza hospital which Hamas claims killed hundreds of Palestinians.  Hamas blames Israel for the strike on the hospital, but the Israeli Defense Forces has shown evidence that the blast was caused by a failed missile launch from within Gaza.  U.S. officials have been unwilling to speculate about who may have attacked the bases.