President Joe Biden Pushes for Assault Weapon Ban

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President Joe Biden pushed for an “assault weapons” ban and asked, “Who in God’s name needs a weapon with 100 rounds in the chamber?” while speaking at the Human Rights Campaign National Dinner.  Biden never provided an example of a gun that holds 100 rounds in the chamber, but did add, “That weapon’s only meant for one thing…to kill people.” Biden also said that an “assault weapons” ban was enacted once at the federal level and then proceeded to declare, “As long as I’m in office I’m not going to stop until we get it done again.” Then he segued into the 1,000+ Israelis who were killed during the Hamas terror attacks, saying that “children and grandparents were kidnapped and held hostage by Hamas.” He also failed to mention that private gun ownership among Israelis is much lower than it is among Americans.