Media Narrative Already Shifting As Israel Prepares For Gaza Ground War

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Editor-in-chief Joel C. Rosenberg of All Israel News expressed, “I was moved when I saw CNN anchor Anderson Cooper visibly moved to tears while hearing an Israeli woman share her horrific and heart-wrenching story.” But even as Israel’s war with Hamas is yet less than a week old and all signs indicate that a ground invasion of Gaza is imminent, Rosenberg said he was warned “the media was going to shift from sympathy to attack mode.” It has already begun. Yesterday, CNN reporter and anchor Becky Anderson, during a press conference with Israeli President Issac Herzog said, “The collective punishment of a civilian population amounts to a war crime under international law.” Herzog responded, “Haven’t you seen you’ve seen [the crimes of Hamas]?” Herzog also said, “So now we’re starting with the rhetoric about [Israeli] war crimes, really?” Surprisingly, the Biden’s State Department has issued a memo discouraging U.S. Middle East diplomats from using the terms “de-escalation/ceasefire,” “end to violence/bloodshed” and “restoring calm.”