UAW Strike-Related Layoffs Increasing; Costliest Auto Strike to U.S. Economy in a Century

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike had caused a significant ripple effect as more workers are being laid off. Of the 150,00 UAW members, about 25,000 employed at the Big Three automakers are on strike, resulting in shutdowns of assembly plants which have led to over 4,800.  The number of strike-related layoffs has reached 2,300 at General Motors, 1,865 at Ford, and 640 at Stellantis as the strike has entered its fourth week.  The Anderson Economic Group, a Michigan economic consulting firm, showed that the UAW’s strike has been the costliest to the U.S. economy in this century over any other auto industry strikes, also impacting suppliers and other related industries. Based on data, Ford, GM, and Stellantis had lost $5.5 billion by the end of the third week of the strike.