Christian German Family Receives One-Year Deportation Reprieve After Seeking to Homeschool in the U.S.

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The Home School Legal Defense Association has applauded U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) decision to grant the Romeike family a one-year deportation reprieve.  The Christian family fled Germany fifteen years ago to homeschool their five children in the U.S.  The German government had levied fines against them greater than their income for homeschooling.  Years after being settled in Morristown, Tennessee, suddenly on September 6, the family’s “indefinite deferred action status” was revoked, and they were given a four-week notice to obtain German passports and leave the country. Around 100,000 Americans joined together to petition support for the Romeike’s stay of removal. Members of congress have submitted a bill that would grant the Romeike’s permanent residency, which they now have time to consider having been granted a one-year deportation reprieve. The family’s reprieve is to be finalized on October 11, which is the original date they were given as the deadline to leave the U.S.