VA Women’s Swim Team Courageously Stand Against Trans-Identifying Male Joining Team

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Ten ladies on the Roanoke College women’s college swim team took a stand recently against a trans-male student joining the squad. After one month into the season, the girls decided it had been long enough for them to suffer in silence and decided to speak up at their press conference on Thursday. Swim captain Lily Mullins spoke on how the male team member has caused extreme discomfort for all of the girls on the team. Support for the team came from the Independent Women’s Forum and the Independent Council on Women’s Sports. Swimmers Riley Gaines and Paula Scanlan — former teammates of trans Lia Thomas — also showed their support and attended the press conference.  Roanoke College has ignored the team’s request for privacy and fairness, however, the stance of the 10 team members led to the male withdrawing from the team.