Republican AGs Call For Urgent Action On Southern Border Issues

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After news of terror attacks on Israel emerged, Republican attorneys general from 27 states, led by Florida AG Ashley Moody, are urging the Biden Administration to fix what they say is a “catch-and-release ‘loophole.'” The coalition of attorney generals have written DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas calling for the agency to urgently make regulatory changes as it has been exploiting U.S. Code 1226 by using language that says foreign nationals “may” be detained or “may” be released.  With U. S. Code 1226, the DHS has allowed 100,000 migrants to be released in August alone.  The AGs denounce this use of authority as “flagrantly unlawful,” and argue that the regulation does not apply to those crossing the border illegally, but to those already in the U.S.  The attorneys say that catch-and-release is “having horrendous effects” on our nation.