Republicans Who Voted to Oust McCarthy Show No Remorse Amid Congressional Gridlock Over Israel’s Aid

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In a recent move, eight Republican members of Congress joined Democrats in voting to vacate the speakership of former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, causing a political turmoil. However, none of these Republicans have expressed regret for their actions, despite the resulting gridlock in Congress’s ability to support Israel in its conflict with Hamas. Rep. Matt Gaetz, the leader of this effort, defended the decision, citing Israel’s military superiority and the Biden Administration’s commitment to providing military aid. McCarthy, on the other hand, stressed the importance of Congress speaking with one voice to ensure Israel receives necessary aid. This unprecedented situation has left Congress in uncharted territory, with concerns over legal challenges and difficulties in addressing the ongoing crisis in Israel. As the conflict persists, the House remains unable to take decisive action until a new speaker is elected, leaving Israel to handle its counteroffensive with limited U.S. support.