Israel Mobilizing 300,000 Reservists; Northern Border Skirmishes Continue

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Israeli Defense Force (IDF) spokesman Daniel Hagari says that the largest mobilization in modern Israel’s history is underway as the fighting with Hamas continues.  He said, “We have never mobilized so many reservists so quickly – 300,000 reservists in 48 hours.”  Hagari also said that Israel is in the process of securing the breaches in the border between Israel and Gaza, saying, “The breaches opened in the fence in Gaza will be secured by tanks that will reach the area and face every breach, aerial vehicles – combat helicopters and drones, so that we will hold all the breaches in the fence.”  IDF military international spokesperson, Jonathan Conricus, stated that around 100,000 reserve troops have been gathered in southern Israel.  While no formal announcement has been made, there is speculation that Israel is preparing to conduct a ground invasion of Gaza. Conrcius said, “Our job is to make sure that at the end of this war, Hamas will no longer have any military capability to threaten Israeli civilians.”  Meanwhile, skirmishes continue at Israel’s norther border with Lebanon despite Hezbollah telling the Lebanese government that it would not join in the war unless “harassed” by Israel.