U.S. Navy Reportedly Moving Towards Israel; Over 100 People Taken Hostage By Hamas

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Two unnamed U.S. officials have said that the Pentagon has ordered the USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier group to move closer to Israel as a show of support for the nation after being attacked by Hamas yesterday. Last week, the carrier conducted naval exercises with the Italian navy in the Ionian Sea. The Gerald Ford is on it’s first full deployment from Norfolk naval base in Virginia.  While President Biden has pledged America’s support for Israel and has already sent assistance, it is not known what other support is being sent, nor if the U.S. will actively engage in the war or will limit support to things like interdicting weapons or conducting intelligence missions. Since the attack began, over 600 Israelis have been killed and over 2,000 wounded. At least one hundred IDF soldiers and civilians have been taken hostage to Gaza. Reports say that Israel has asked Egypt to help in ensuring the safety of the hostages. Israeli Prime Minister has appointed Gal Hirsch, a reservist brigadier general, as a coordinator for government agencies pertaining to the hostages.