Hezbollah Fires On Israel; Egyptian Policeman Kills Israelis

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Hezbollah launched a rocket and artillery attack on northern Israel in support of Hamas who launched a surprise attack on southern Israel yesterday.  Hezbollah said in a statement, “On the path to liberate the remaining part of our occupied Lebanese land and in solidarity with the victorious Palestinian resistance and the steadfast Palestinian people, the groups of the martyr commander Hajj Imad Moghniyeh in the Islamic Resistance carried out an attack this Sunday.”  Israeli forces responded to the attack with artillery barrages and drone strikes.  A statement by Israeli military said they “are now attacking with artillery fire the area in Lebanon from where shooting was carried out a few minutes ago into Israeli territory.” U.N. peacekeeping forces in southern Lebanon have declined comment and have taken no action.  Meanwhile, two Israelis and their Egyptian tour guide were shot and killed by an Egyptian policeman in Alexandria. A third Israeli was injured in the attack.  So far, no motive has been given for the attack.