Philippines Condemns China Over 1 Meter “Near Miss” In South China Sea

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Philippine Coast Guard spokesperson Commodore Jay Tarriela said that on Wednesday a Chinese Coast Guard ship came within one meter of hitting a Philippine patrol ship near the contested Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea.  Tarriela said the Chinese Coast Guard ship — part of a larger flotilla with several coast guard and militia ships, and a Chinese Navy warship — attempted to block the Philippine ship from reaching the small contingent of Filipino marines and navy personnel stationed on a grounded ship there with supplies. The Chinese ship came within one meter of hitting the BRP Sindangan which had reversed its engines to try and avoid a collision.  The Chinese ships asserted via radio messages that “China has indisputable sovereignty”  over the area and for the Philippine ships to “leave and keep out.”  Tarriela called the incident a violation of international law.