Planned Parenthood Providing Transgender Care; Parents & Medical Professionals Alarmed

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Abortion provider Planned Parenthood is now moving into transgender care and prescribing hormone treatments, even to those with special needs.  An 18-year-old autistic patient, whose real name remains private but is known as Fred, had one appointment at Planned Parenthood and in less than an hour was given an estrogen prescription without a psychiatric evaluation, and without his parents’ knowledge or consent. Planned Parenthood provides an easy path for young people to bypass the medical safeguards to gender transition treatments. Fred’s mother, a New Jersey pediatrician, said, “It’s criminal what Planned Parenthoods all over the country are doing. And most people have no idea this is happening.”  In the U.S., Planned Parenthood is not only one of the largest providers of cross-sex hormones, but also one of the fastest growing.