Disney’s Woke Politics Spark Conservative Outrage: Rasmussen Survey Reveals

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A recent Rasmussen Reports survey, previewed by The Daily Wire, sheds light on Disney’s fallout with Americans, particularly Republicans. Over 60% of Republicans hold an unfavorable opinion of Disney, with 35% expressing a “very unfavorable” view. In contrast, Democrats largely view Disney favorably, with 61% having a favorable opinion. These results mirror a similar poll from March 2022 when Disney was embroiled in a controversy with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Disney’s embrace of “woke” politics, including LGBTQ+ representation and criticism of classic narratives like Snow White, has strained its relationship with conservative audiences. Some analysts estimate this has cost Disney nearly $1 billion, as its major releases underperformed at the box office. As public sentiment tilts against corporate political involvement, Disney’s approach continues to draw attention and scrutiny.