Over 75,000 U.S. Healthcare Workers Go On Strike

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The Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions which represents over 85,000 healthcare workers in the U.S. has announced that over 75,000 union workers in seven states have walked off the job.  The strike comes after Kaiser Permanente hospital systems failed to reach an agreement with union workers whose contract ended on September 30.  The strike affects hundreds of medical facilities in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Virginia, and Washington D.C., and will last four days until 6 a.m. on October 7.  EMTs, nurses, radiology and X-ray technicians, respiratory therapists, ultrasound sonographers and other critical positions will be left vacant during the strike.  Workers want a $25 per hour minimum wage and a 6.25%-7% raise annually over the next four years to keep up with an increased cost of living.  Kaiser Permanente offered $21-$23 minimum wage and 2%-4% increases.  While the current strike is set to end after four days, a larger, longer strike is being planned for November if an agreement is not reached.