U.N. Approves Multinational Force To Haiti

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The United Nations Security Council has approved a resolution to send a multinational force to Haiti.  This comes almost a year after Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry and other Haitian officials requested the immediate deployment of a foreign armed force to help the beleaguered government combat gangs who have killed, injured and kidnapped almost 4,000 people this year and displaced over 200,000.  Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Antigua and Barbuda have pledged personnel, but the effort will be led by Kenya who is planning to send 1,000 police to help restore order.  The force is set to deploy for a year and could arrive in the next two or three months. Some countries have expressed concern over the plan, however, in that any aid is temporary without restoration of a working government in Haiti and that police in Kenya have been long accused of using unnecessary deadly force and even torture.