Tunisia Rejects E.U. Funds For Migration Control Saying It “Lacks Respect”

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Tunisia’s President Kais Saied has rejected an installment of 127 million Euros ($133 million) from the European Union saying that it is “a small amount” and “lacks respect.”  Saied also said, “The treasures of the world are not equal to a single grain of our sovereignty in the eyes of our people.  Tunisia, which accepts cooperation, does not accept anything that resembles charity or handouts.” The E.U. and Saied had reached a deal in July for the E.U. to provide funds for Tunisia’s police to combat human trafficking, curb immigrants from crossing the Mediterranean, as well as help return those immigrants deported from European countries. Saied has said previously, however, that he would not be Europe’s border guard or allow immigrants deported from Europe to resettle in Tunisia.  Tunisia also just recently barred the entry of E.U. members of parliament, claiming that the visit could interfere with internal Tunisian politics.