Rep. Gaetz Demands Clarity on Alleged Biden-McCarthy Deal

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Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) wants answers from House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) about a supposed “secret deal” with President Joe Biden regarding Ukraine aid, the debt limit, and Democrat spending initiatives. Gaetz plans to introduce a motion to vacate against McCarthy, pending responses.  This comes following McCarthy’s move to pass a short-term funding bill, with Democrats’ support, averting a government shutdown.  Gaetz accuses Biden of influencing McCarthy on Ukraine aid and other issues, raising doubts about McCarthy’s allegiance. He urges swift answers, as upcoming votes could be influenced by the revelations. Gaetz, who has a strained relationship with McCarthy, aims to initiate a vote to remove McCarthy as speaker. McCarthy remains confident he can withstand this challenge. This situation underscores growing tensions within the Republican Party.