Sweden Rocked By Gang Violence

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Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has summoned the police commissioner and the head of the armed forces to address the recent surge of gang violence which has left 11 dead in September alone.  Just this week three people have been killed — two were killed in separate shootings and the third was killed in her sleep after a bomb destroyed a house just north of Stockholm.  Kristersson said in a rare TV appearance, “This is a difficult time for Sweden. A 25-year-old woman went to bed last night on a completely ordinary evening but never got to wake up. We will hunt the gangs, we will defeat the gangs.”  His coalition won partially on promises to stem gang violence and it has launched a series of initiatives.  Kristersson blames the previous government’s liberal immigration policies, saying, “It is an irresponsible immigration policy and a failed integration that has brought us here.”