House Passes Stand-Alone Bill to Provide $300 Million for Ukraine Aid; Partial Government Shutdown Likely

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The House voted on Thursday to provide $300 million in aid to Ukraine, passing 311-117, in a stand-alone bill that was detached from the annual defense appropriations spending bill. Pressure from some Republicans prompted a procedural vote on Tuesday that resulted in the Ukraine aid bill being detached from the larger spending package. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who has criticized sending more aid, said, “You can send money to Ukraine, but it doesn’t belong in our defense bill — especially when the Department of Defense mission statement says that the mission is to deter war and to protect the United States national security. Funding a war in Ukraine does neither one of our mission goals.”  As the deadline of midnight September 30 approaches, a partial government shutdown is increasingly likely as neither the House nor the Senate have been able to advance their appropriations bills or a stopgap measure to temporarily fund the government.