San Francisco Trans Daycare Worker Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Child Pornography

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Jace Wong, a trans-identifying female, admitted to capturing photo and video content of four- to six-year-olds at daycares where she was employed in San Francisco, as well as in an East Bay Suburb. A press release from the United States Attorney’s Office in the Northern District of California states that Wong has been sentenced to 300 months in prison for the production, distribution, and possession of child pornography. Wong pleaded guilty in April 2023 to secretly snapping photos of minors in the bathroom at the daycare facilities and was said to have taken part in a scheme to then post the images on child pornography sites.  Wong showed FBI agents over 400 files on her smartphone depicting video and images of severe sexual abuse of minors. Her defense team has shifted the blame to testosterone therapy causing a spike in Wong’s sexual urges and libido. Wong has been detained since the initial arrest in April 2021.