Military Academy at West Point Pushes “Diversity and Inclusion Studies”

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The Military Academy at West Point is now offering a “Diversity and Inclusion Minor” as a part of the “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” (DEI) multi-billion-dollar corporate movement. This new minor consists of “critical race theory” and transsexuality, with other leftist ideologies. Critics on the Right describe DEI as “Cultural Marxism” for its racial- and gender-focused agenda that causes unrest and dispute while turning social groups against each other, rather than assessing people by a common standard based on their character and qualifications. The DEI movement also shows to be intolerant towards groups with traditional, religious, or other moral beliefs despite the movements focus on inclusion. Even though West Point explains their laser-sharp focus on the DEI movement as a way to help recruitment by appealing to a younger generation that values “diversity,” conservatives blame the “woke” agenda as the main reason for the now-happening recruitment crisis.