Rampant Boat Thefts Plague California’s Oakland-Alameda Estuary Community; Some Blame Rise in Homeless Camps

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Burglars have been terrorizing the Oakland-Alameda Estuary community near San Francisco Bay.  Likened to scenes from the movie “Captain Phillips,” these criminals steal valuables from yachts and houseboats, often sinking or abandoning the targeted vessels. The cost of each attack can run into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars for the owners. The situation has prompted discussions within the boating community about self-defense, as jurisdictional complexities and declining law enforcement staffing add to the problem. Homeless encampments in the area have exacerbated the issue, with abandoned boats being repurposed for illegal activities. Alameda Police Chief Nishant Joshi is collaborating with Oakland PD and the Coast Guard to increase patrols and address these crimes, emphasizing the need for a regional approach. While the crackdown’s impact is yet to be quantified, residents hope for a resolution after months of frustration.