Rampaging Teens Plunder Philadelphia Stores Prompting Police Response

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In a chaotic turn of events, groups of teenagers swarmed stores in Philadelphia’s Center City, looting merchandise and causing unrest. The Apple Store fell victim to theft around 8 p.m. on Tuesday, with police pursuing the fleeing teenagers, ultimately recovering dropped iPhones and a stash of iPads. Additionally, over 100 individuals, seemingly teenagers, targeted a Lululemon store, resulting in theft. Social media footage depicted masked individuals in hoodies escaping from Lululemon, with police apprehending some of them. While no immediate injuries were reported, a security guard was reportedly assaulted at Foot Locker.  Earlier in the day, there was a peaceful protest over a judge’s decision to dismiss murder and other charges against a Philadelphia police officer who shot and killed Eddie Irizarry through a rolled-up window.  However, according to several police commanders, there was no connection to the flash-mob style ransacking events.