UAW Expands Strikes With GM, Stellantis While Progress Made With Ford

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) have expanded strikes against two of the three major auto makers in the U.S. adding 5,600 workers to the already 12,700 on strike in three different states.  The new walkouts have occurred at 38 parts distribution centers across 20 states.  On Friday UAW President Shawn Fain said “that Ford is showing they’re serious about reaching a deal” and did not expand its strike against Ford.  However, on Sunday Ford representatives said there are “significant gaps to close” on key issues before an agreement is reached.  GM has temporarily closed a plant in Kansas, affecting 2,000 non-striking workers, and Stellantis has already laid off 68 workers in Ohio, with possibly another 300 in Indiana.  The UAW is asking for 40% wage increases, 32-hour work weeks, increased job security, enhanced profit sharing and a return of defined benefit pensions.  Both U.S. President Joe Biden and GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump have said they will visit the striking workers this week.