UAW Strike Having Ripple Effect, Could Expand By Friday

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The United Auto Workers (UAW) strike against Ford, GM, and Stellantis has entered its seventh day and tensions are rising as the strike is causing a ripple effect within the companies themselves, and with automotive supply chain vendors who have had to stop production and layoff workers.  Almost 13,000 UAW workers are currently on strike in three different states: Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.  GM and Stellantis have had to halt some production and layoff workers in Kansas, Ohio and Indiana in response to the strike. U.S. Steel decided to temporarily idle a blast furnace and reallocate workers in Illinois, and talks have begun with the United Steelworkers union regarding a layoff minimization.  The “Big 3” have barely avoided another strike in Canada, but UAW President Shawn Fain has warned that an expansion of the strikes in the U.S. would be triggered if negotiations have not made enough progress by Friday.