Fed Hits Pause, But Consumers Still Face Record Interest Rates And Higher Gas Prices

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The U.S. Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it will not raise interest rates for now, but with its new economic forecast, suggests it will raise interest rates after the next meeting at the beginning of November.  However, the pause hasn’t helped consumers, with rates increasing an overall 5% since March of last year.  For home buyers, interest rates are the highest in twenty years at 7.18%, up more than 3 points from last year.  Interest rates for credit cards stand at an average of 20.68%, up 5% from third quarter last year. While the average auto loan for a new vehicle currently has a 6.68% interest rate, used car buyers are enduring 11.38% interest on loans.  Adding to the economic woes, Brent crude oil prices have topped $93 per barrel, with experts anticipating it to go over $100 per barrel.  The average gas price in the U.S. currently stands at about $3.87 per gallon.