LGBTQ Pride Flags Banned In Two California School Districts

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Recently two California school districts, Sunol and Temecula, banned the display of LGBTQ pride flags on school property. The new resolution in Temecula does not ban specific flags, stating: “No flag other than the United States of America and State of California may be displayed on school grounds, including classrooms, unless it is a country, state, or United States military flag used solely for educational purposes within the adopted curriculum.”  Both supporters and non-supporters of the new ruling rallied during the school board meeting at Temecula. “This isn’t anti-LGBTQ, this isn’t anti-trans. We live in America, and in America, we’re allowed to be whatever we want, but let’s unite under the one unifying goal, that’s ‘We’re all Americans.’ I would like to see us come back to that,” said resident Ryan Waroff in support of the new ruling.