Death Toll From Libyan Floods Exceeds 11,000 With 10,000 More Still Missing

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After heavy rains from Mediterranean storm Daniel caused the collapse of two dams in northeastern Libya on Monday and sent a wall of water through the city of Derna, the death toll has reached more than 11,000 and over 10,000 are still missing, according to the The Libyan Red Crescent.  While the city is being evacuated, only rescuers will be allowed to enter due to the devastation and the additional danger of landmines and other remnants from ongoing political and military division since 2011.  However, the disaster has brought a rare glimpse of unity between the two sides, as both have sent rescue teams and relief aid. But relief from any direction has been slowed as the flooding wiped out key bridges to the city and the approach from the sea is littered with debris from collapsed buildings.