Kim Jong Un Vows Full Support For Russia’s War With Ukraine

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday received North Korean Dictator Kim Jung Un’s pledge to fully support what Kim called Russia’s “sacred struggle” against Ukraine.  Kim also said during the meeting with Putin in Eastern Russia, “We have always supported and stand by all decisions of President Putin and the Russian government. I hope that we will always stand together in the fight against imperialism.”  Putin responded, “It was our country that was the first to recognize the sovereign, independent state of the DPRK.”  The leaders vowed to strengthen economic ties between the two countries over the next 75 years.  Any arms deal between North Korea and Russia would violate U.N. Security Council resolutions that Russia approved, according to a statement from the U.S.  As Kim traveled to his meeting with Putin, North Korea launched 2 ballistic missiles, in an apparent show of force, near Pyongyang airport that flew eastward landing somewhere in the Sea of Japan.