Hurricane Lee Tracking Northward; Strong Winds, Heavy Rains Likely for Eastern New England, Atlantic Canada, Bermuda

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Hurricane Lee is tracking northward and its large size indicates the storm is likely to impact eastern New England, Atlantic Canada and Bermuda with strong winds, heavy rains and coastal flooding in the coming days.  Already Lee has generated swells producing rip currents and high surf along much East Coast.  Currently a Category 3, Lee is a large hurricane centered several hundred miles south of Bermuda, moving to the north-northwest.  As of Wednesday morning a tropical storm warning is in effect for Bermuda and watches could be issued later for eastern New England and Atlantic Canada. Lee’s large wind field has hurricane-force winds extending outward up to 115 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extending out up to 240 miles. Although Lee will weaken as it encounters cooler water, the size of its winds are expected to grow which means the impact will be felt by a larger area.