Mayor in California Spanked by Drag Queen During Fundraiser

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On Saturday during the Santa Clarita Valley Democrats’ Drag Queen Bingo fundraiser in California, Burbank Mayor Konstantine Anthony was spanked with a paddle by one of the drag queens. The act was caught on video and shared through social media platforms. The popular X account, Libs of TikTok, wrote that children were present when Anthony was spanked, however, Anthony claims no one under the age of 21 was present, despite the event being billed for ages 15 and up.  News of the video comes as the California State Assembly passed AB 957 on Friday, a new rule that has parents and parental rights advocates concerned that children could become wards of the state.  The policy could jeopardize parental custody rights if they disagree with the child’s decision to identify with a gender not corresponding to their biological sex.