Hurricane Lee On Track to Hit Canada, Possibly Massachusetts and Maine

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The latest forecast for Hurricane Lee has it making landfall in Atlantic Canada, but the northeastern U.S., including eastern Massachusetts and most of Maine, remains in the forecast cone as of the latest advisory from the National Hurricane Center. Lee, which is currently a category 3 hurricane, is expected to weaken as it moves north and become more akin to a “nor’easter during winter” than a full-force hurricane making landfall.  Lee is expected to pass west of Bermuda as it moves north but could still create hazardous conditions near the island, as well the parts of the U.S. East Coast.  FOX Weather Meteorologist Britta Merwin said, “New York will likely have a beautiful day on Saturday but coastal areas of Massachusetts and Maine, they might be close enough to get a little taste of maybe some rain.” Merwin also said there was a 20-40% chance of tropical storm winds for Massachusetts and Maine.