Eastern Libya Devastated By Flooding

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Two dams in Wadi Derna collapsed as a result of heavy rains Sunday night from Mediterranean storm Daniel, sending a torrent of water into the city of Derna on Libya’s northeast coast. The city, which is home to 90,000 people, had entire neighborhoods swept away by flooding with a death toll of 2,300 and another 10,000 missing, according to Derna’s ambulance authority.  Tamer Ramadan, Libya envoy for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, said that the situation in Libya was “as devastating as the situation in Morocco,” referring to the recent 6.8 earthquake which devastated the city of  Marrakesh this past Friday. Infrastructure in Libya has suffered as a result of political and military division within the country. Aid began to arrive Tuesday from both Benghazi and Tripoli, as well as from other countries in the region.