Hurricane Lee Continues to Grow; Forecast Uncertain for Bermuda, Atlantic Canada and Eastern New England

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Hurricane Lee continues to grow and is expected to turn northward this week tracking toward Bermuda, Atlantic Canada and eastern New England, however, the forecast remains highly uncertain.  Regardless of where it tracks, the hurricane will result in dangerous high surf and rip currents in the U.S. East Coast over the next several days.  Lee is centered more than 300 miles north of the northern Leeward Islands and is moving northwestward.  As of Monday morning Hurricane Lee has restrengthened to a major Category 3.  Presently, the computer models trends suggest the northeastward turn won’t be sharp enough to avoid all land areas.  Bermuda may see rainfall, gusty winds and high surf by late this week.  The likelihood is increasing for rain, wind and coastal flooding to impact eastern New England and Atlantic Canada this weekend.  All of the above mentioned locations should closely monitor forecast updates.