Steps to Pool of Siloam Where Jesus Healed a Blind Man Excavated

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A project to unearth the surroundings of the Pool of Siloam has led to the excavation of eight descending steps leading to the pool.  The Pool of Siloam is where Jesus sent a man to wash after he was healed of blindness, as recorded in the Bible in the book of John, chapter 9.  To build upon discoveries made in 2004, the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Israel National Parks Authority and the City of David Foundation began excavations. Ze’ev Orenstein, director of International Affairs for the City of David Foundation, said, “The ongoing excavations within the City of David — the historic site of Biblical Jerusalem — particularly of the Pool of Siloam and the Pilgrimage Road, serve as one of the greatest affirmations of that heritage and the millennia-old bond Jews and Christians have with Jerusalem.”