Hunter Biden Indictment Expected by Sept. 29

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On Wednesday in a court filing, special counsel David Weiss announced that the DOJ intends to seek an indictment for Hunter Biden by September 29.  The status report in the case of the United States v. Robert Hunter Biden in response to the Speedy Trial Act. Hunter Biden was charged with two counts of tax fraud on June 20, along with a firearm charge.  Hunter’s plea deal from his previous appearance in court on July 26 was struck down, with the court ordering that “time is excluded from the Speedy Trial Act between today and 9/1/2023 in the interests of justice.”  As such, Weiss stated the 30-day timeframe for the Speedy Trial Act would end on September 29.  The report reads, “The Government intends to seek the return of an indictment in this case before that date. Thus, the Government does not believe any action by the Court is necessary at this time.”