“Medicane” Daniel Dumps 21 Inches Of Rain In 10 Hours On Greece

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Greece, which has been battling a series of wildfires over the summer, now has a more immediate emergency as an upper-level low-pressure system named “Daniel” on Tuesday sent a deluge of rain with some areas receiving 21 inches in just 10 hours.  Meteorologists say that the storm has the characteristics of a “medicane,” a Mediterranean tropical-like cyclone. The torrential rainfall has caused mass flooding in multiple cities in Greece high enough to submerge and even sweep away cars on the street. There have also been mudslides in the mountainous areas. Meteorologists expect rain to continue through Thursday due to an “Omega block keeping Storm Daniel nearby for a couple of additional days.” Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called the storm “an extreme weather phenomenon.”  The storm has also caused flooding in Bulgaria and Turkey as well.