Twitter Files: Former CIA Agent Twitter Employee Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story Then Tried to Hide Her Role

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Newly unearthed emails reveal that former CIA agent Nada Bakos, who signed the infamous open letter calling the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story Russian disinformation, later tried to hide her role at Twitter.  Through the Twitter Files, an email from former CIA agent Bakos was found by Substack journalist Texas Lindsay.  Bakos sent the email to her superiors informing them that she had locked down her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts after photos of her and other former intelligence officials who had signed the letter were published in the New York Post. It has been proven that the federal intelligence community has infiltrated major social media platforms to censor online content . Bakos, one of many former intelligence officials working for the platform, was a director for Policy enforcement at Twitter as recent as March 2022, giving her direct authority over how the platform’s content moderation policies are implemented.