Miraculous Survival Stories Emerge Amid Hawaii’s Devastation

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Amid Hawaii’s fires, stories of survival emerge on Maui. The devastation is evident, but so is divine protection. A month ago, Wendy Griffith said a fire consumed an oceanfront inn, including room #4 where she was staying. Next door to the inn, David and Christiane Mello’s condo still stands, it is not habitable — no water and electricity, and could possibly be condemned.  A few of the Mello’s belongings were retrieved from their paradise home, including Christine’s paddleboard, which survived miraculously. Another resident, Pastor Lucho Banto, speaks of surviving dense smoke and witnessing the fire miraculously spare his house. Displaced but hopeful, believers find beauty emerging from tragedy, seeing God’s hand in the midst of devastation.  Pastor Lucho declared, “I think there’s so many miracles that have happened through this tragedy, and you can see God in these miracles, and out of ashes beauty’s coming out.”