Erdogan Traveling To Russia Hoping To Restart Black Sea Grain Initiative

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Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has announced that he is planning on visiting Russia prior to going to India for the next G20 meeting in hopes of reestablishing the Black Sea Grain Initiative.  Turkish and Russian media confirmed the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin will take place in Sochi, which is a Russian resort city on the Black Sea. Bloomberg reported a possible meeting date of September 8, but Russian media TASS reported it could be as soon as September 4.  Since Russia did not renew the deal in July, global food prices have risen and Ukraine has sought to find alternate shipping routes through Romania and Bulgaria.  Since withdrawing from the initiative, Russia has drawn sharp criticism for conducting military strikes on grain storage sites inside Ukraine.  Turkey helped to negotiate the original agreement between Russia and Ukraine despite the ongoing war between the two countries.