Israeli Official Estimates Hezbollah Has 200,000 Rockets Near Tel-Aviv

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Former Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Colonel and National Security Advisor Kobi Marom estimates that Iranian-backed Hezbollah has 200,000 rockets within range of Tel-Aviv.  Marom and many Israelis are concerned that recent increased aggression from Hezbollah could signal another proxy-war with Iran.  Just days ago, Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sparred over tents set up by Hezbollah just inside Israeli territory.  Marom said, “They [Hezbollah] look to the tough struggle inside the Israeli society as a great opportunity to create challenges to the Israeli government, to the Israeli people.”  Meanwhile, Syria says that Israeli jets struck the Aleppo airport on Monday, temporarily shutting it down. It is the fifth time in a year Israel has hit the airport in an effort to counter Iran’s alleged use of commercial flights to bring in military supplies into Lebanon through Syria for Hezbollah.