Biden Admin Auctions Border Wall Materials Amid Surging Border Apprehensions

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The U.S. southern border is experiencing a 33% increase in migrant apprehensions in July compared to June, with a notable rise in families and children attempting to cross. The Biden administration is auctioning off unused border wall materials after halting construction in January 2021. Over 132,000 individuals were captured attempting to cross in July, while the number of children encountered almost doubled. Despite claims of decreased unlawful entries, DHS allows foreign nationals to schedule arrivals through an app, leading to thousands being released without proper entry permits. Around 5.5 million illegal migrant encounters have occurred since Biden took office, with 2.1 million released into the U.S. States like Arizona are using old shipping containers to patch gaps in the wall due to halted construction. Border wall materials worth $154 million have been auctioned. Former mayor of Cincinnati and undersecretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Ken Blackwell criticizes Biden’s border policies and is calling for accountability of top officials.