Trump’s Lawyers Request April 2026 Trial Date Following Smith’s “Speedy Trial” Order

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In the case against Former President Donald Trump relating to the January 6 Capitol protests and his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, his attorneys have requested an April 2026 trail date.  Special counsel Jack Smith, who indicted Trump on four counts, claimed the government would seek a “speedy trial” in the matter.  Following Smith’s orders, the DOJ proposed a January 2, 2024, trial date. Trump’s lawyers wrote in the motion, “In this District, ordinary order when faced with such overwhelming discovery is to set a reasonable trial schedule, commensurate with the size and scope of discovery and complexity of the legal issues. The government rejects this sensible approach. Instead, it seeks a trial calendar more rapid than most no-document misdemeanors, requesting just four months from the beginning of discovery to jury selection. The government’s objective is clear: to deny President Trump and his counsel a fair ability to prepare for trial. The Court should deny the government’s request.”